Runaway Romaine Lettuce

runaway-lettuceWell, this was a funny thing to discover. Just outside the border of my experimental flower/veggie garden I spied a sprout that looked like romaine lettuce. After watching it for a few weeks, lo and behold it actually is! Last years crop of Romaine went to seed, and here’s where the babies decided to grow.

Now, this is where I tell you that what the little guy is growing in is not the fertile deep soil of the brick-bordered garden, but rather the quarter-minus granite with a little tree detritus from the overhead acacia. I can’t imagine what nutrients he is getting out of that ground, but it is enough for him to be happy. I will allow him to grow, as large as he possibly can, then I am going to dig him up and toss a salad. I wonder if the leaves will taste different coming from such earth. I will be sure to let you know!


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