Hot Rocks: Blending Hardscapes and Plants

hot-rocksLook in your garden. Do you see a plant here, a rock tossed over there? Do they seem lonely, out of place? If you match your hardscape with your “soft” scape (plants) you will create an effect greater than the sum of its parts.

Hardscape provides a fabulous surface for shadow projections. So instead of having just one element (sun or flowers or rocks) you get a beautiful, active collection of all three. As the sun moves in the sky, the shadows cast on the rocks (and by them) create living, dimensional art that changes with the seasons as well as time of day.

Hardscape (rocks, block walls, or anything that needn’t be watered) are a perfect backdrop to the graphic plants of the xeriscape garden. These African Daisies (Gazania) are perennials that are best in pots or in this case in a small bed by the front door. They are showy and need little care other than regular water.

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