A Twist on Trees: Twisted Acacia

Acacia schaffneriHere’s another find from our afternoon at Ethel’s Chocolates and Botanical Garden in Las Vegas…a stunning Twisted Acacia (Acacia schaffneri) all lit up for the season!

These guys grow at a moderate rate up to 20 x 20, and the trunk and branches look a little…well, twisted.  They’ll get fragrant yellow puffballs on them in the spring and they LOVE Phoenix in the summer time.  Look at those branches.  The foliage is almost ferny, but the leaves grow really close to the branch.  Doesn’t it sorta look soft and snaky at the same time?

I might have to plant one of these.  Or go back to Ethel’s for more chocolate…uh, I mean, twisted tree gazing.  Yeah, that’s it…I go for the trees!

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