Dia de los Muertos at the Desert Botanical Garden

Dia de los Muertos dioramaDia de los Muertos, a traditional Mexican celebration of the dearly departed, playfully lives at the Desert Botanical Garden!  We went this year, hoping for a little diversion from Halloween.  What we got was a whole lot of fun!  Music, dance, Mexican folk art, and ofrendas–along with stuff for the kids–made it a relaxing way to see all the plants and explore the cultural traditions of Mexico.  

Oh, did I mention the home-made green chili burrito?  I could practically see and smell the chili bubbling away in a big pot on the stove!

We stayed into the night for the La Calaca Cabaret–more music, dance, and storytelling led by Zarco Guerrero.  My husband loved the telling of La Llorona…and recalling, as a kid, how he was threatened with his certain demise if he didn’t behave.  Ah…tradition!  (My apologies to the artist of this beautiful piece whose name I didn’t get.)

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