Sage…A Wise Choice for a Border!

Informal Leucophyllum borderWhen I was converting my Phoenix front yard from turf to desert, I needed to create a “border” between my neighbor’s lovely green lawn and my soon-to-be desert landscape.  So my husband built a 6″ concrete wall along the property line, effectively drawing a line in the sand, so to speak, and keeping our lawns from encroaching on each other.

But a concrete wall, even a low one, can be pretty stark.  If you’re going after a minimal look, great!  I wanted a more colorful and lush, but informal border.  Sarah suggested using various species of Leucophyllum. The different sizes give it a more natural look, and when fall arrives, they bust out in beautiful shades of purple that look crazy cool!

Leucophyllum frutescensTry them in a spot that gets lots of sun, and you won’t be disappointed!  I used L. langmaniae (Lynn’s Legacy, Rio Bravo), L. frutescens (Green Cloud, Heavenly Cloud), and L. zygophyllum (Cimarron)…they’re not yet mature size. And please, please, please…don’t shear these guys into odd shapes.  Not only do you spend needless time (and money) on maintenance, you’ll lose the full effect of these amazing blooms!

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